This theory proposes a solution for the missing mass of the universe.  It states that the very fabric of space-time is another state of matter, hence it has equivalent mass.  Therefore the massive fabric of space-time fills the entire emptyness of the universe.

The estimated equivalent mass of space-time (density) is calculated to be approximately one to 1000 times the mass of one electron per cubic meter.

The simple proof to this theory is Comprised of all the present scientific observations and calculations of modern astronomy and physics, which dictate the existence of some kind of dark matter or massive neutrinos.  The dark matter is needed to explain the 80% of the missing mass of the universe.

The problem is that, even massive Neutrinas and dark matter can not explain the total missing mass of the universe.   The volume of space-time itself is massive because it is made of matter.  Therefore the 80% missing mass of the universe is indeed the equivalent mass of the total space-time that fills the entire cosmos.

This hypothesis, which we call space-time-mass unified theory, explains a universe in which everything (i.e., matter, energy, space, time) is all made of each other and are all from one nature.

Another proof of this theory is the existence of nuclear force.  In reality, mysterious “gluons” that are presumed to glue the nucleus together do not exist. The universal pressure of space-time is responsible for this observed nuclear force.

Imagine you are living at the time of Aristotle. According to him (and the science of that time) air has no mass or pressure.(since air goes to infinity!!, any mass or pressure would crush everything!!) The wind, heat, cold, birds’ ability to fly, and sound were all explained by levitation force, heat force, etc., which were all inaccurate. At that time, two suction cups pressed together would have been said to hold tight because of the “mysterious forces of vacuum!!,” not the external pressure of atmosphere!  We all know now how wrong Aristotle was.  

Now come back to the 20th century.  Similar to the air theory of Aristotle, we have assumed that space-time (the vacuum of space) has no mass and no pressure.  So, the mass of the universe is missing!  And mysterious gluons hold the nucleus together.   What holds the particles at nucleus together is the external pressure of space-time.  Other challenges are facing today’s scientists.  The space-time-mass unified theory explains these challenges by assigning equivalent mass to the liquid fabric of space-time which fills the entire universe.  The space-time has mass and pressure, and mathematically it can be modeled to have  the properties of a liquid.

If we propose a model for the universe that is like a giant star, the relationship between nuclear force “P” and the mass and radius of the universe can be calculated.  See explanations and proofs for detailed answers to the challenges discussed below.