Team STM are always working toward achieving new goals in high power rocketry that will mostly involve demanding altitude attempts. To achieve these goals many aspects of engineering and science are required along with testing like any other complex project to be successful in amateur rocketry.

With any project especially high performance engineering projects every aspect of the design requires time, resources and expertise. Because high power rocketry is a demanding task along with the experimental nature of rocketry, project sponsorship is a very important aspect to the team’s progress and future success. Without our sponsors we would not be here today and we would not of achieved what we have. Therefore we are always looking for new sponsors. If you can help us progress as an amateur rocketry team and help us meet our latest goals please contact us.


The company has a long established reputation for quality and reliability. At Macdonald we continue to employ traditional, proven manufacturing techniques and materials while at the same time being highly innovative in our approach to designing and developing better solutions for our customers. Most major body parts are machined from drop forge alloy steel for maximum durability using the most up to date CNC equipment for maximum precision.


Earlsfeld Power Tools have been established since 1995. We have staff with over 25 Years of experience in the power tool industry, if we can be of any service to your needs please do not hesitate to contact us. We are specialist’s in the repair and servicing of all makes of portable electric power tools and have built up an excellent reputation with our customers over the years. Brands include: Hitachi, Bosch, Numatic, Ryobi, Atlas Copco, Stihl, Makita, Stayer, Hilti, Kango. *We are Warranty agents for all the above.